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Reaching out for support and saying I am not ok is the hardest part, so many women have joined our support group and said how long it had taken them to reach out but that it was the best decision they made.


Talking with people that have been through what you are experiencing is helpful in so many ways, we can empathise, we can say things that we wouldn’t tell people in our every day lives out of fear of upsetting them, we can share knowledge and all of these things make us feel like we can belong somewhere.


Chasing rainbows is that place, you can say exactly what you are feeling and I can guarantee you that there will be someone else there that can relate to what you are saying.

If you think you would like to get in touch then please do! It often helps in your initial contact if you can share some history of your experiences and losses so that we can let you know if we think joining our support group would be suitable for you, or we can even suggest local counselling services that will be able to provide you with the support that you need.


If you can send as much detail as you feel able to do so this will help us to save time in getting back to you and getting you on board, they say that it’s the most rubbish club in the world to be a part of yet you will most likely make friends for life.

Chasing Rainbows Background 2.png
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Chasing Rainbows, 29 Southfield, Hessle, HU13 0EL

07956 174284

Thanks for submitting!

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